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10 Actionable LinkedIn Tips to up your Game

They say good things don’t happen on Friday, the 13th. But great things do happen and I was lucky to attend LinkedIn’s Toronto Meetup. It gave me the opportunity to listen and learn from the brightest leaders who constantly spread positivity on LinkedIn. Getting honest advice, LinkedIn tips and strategies from the pros is something we all love and there were a lot of key takeaways from the meetup.

LinkedIn Tips

Here goes the actionable LinkedIn Tips from the best in the trade – Michaela Alexis, Bobby Umar, Manu Goswami and Adam Silverman.

1.Authenticity is the key: Keep your content authentic. One good way to start is to share content and thoughts about the things you are passionate about. It will bring out the true ‘you’.

2. Build a network and community: Provide value everytime irrespective of the size of your audience. Even if it’s a small network or community, build it stronger by engaging through updates.

3. Collaborate and Conquer: If you have a project or an activity on your mind, bring likeminded folks together on LinkedIn and do it. It increases the organic reach of the project and you will get to interact with a lot of new audiences. It is a win-win for everyone.

LinkedIn Toronto Meetup
LinkedIn Toronto 1st Meetup

4. Pay it forward: LinkedIn is a great way to give back to the community. Your personal stories and pointers can impact someone across the globe positively.

” Noone is really a stranger and everyone needs help ” – Michaela Alexis

5. Sharing content: When you share an article or a blog post, add your thoughts about the article and post it instead of just sharing the link. It can help in building a conversation in the comments.

6. Personal Experiences: Rather than sharing the experiences on the go, it is a great practice to give it some time to think and arrive at the learning from that experience, This way, it will be more useful for your community.

7. Use Videos: LinkedIn now allows users to upload video posts. This is a great way to engage and talk to your connections, the way you would talk to them in person. If you are looking for inspiration and wondering how people are doing it, just type #LetsGetHonest on the LinkedIn search bar and prepare to be amazed.

8. Headline and Summary: Your headline should focus more on who you are as a person and what you are passionate. Your summary is the perfect place to tell your story.

” Treat your profile like it’s your personal museum ” – Michaela Alexis

9. Take Accountability of what you post: It is your personal profile and always remember that you are accountable for what you post on LinkedIn. Never post about issues that you are unsure of.

10. Feature each other: If a connection of yours is providing great value through his content, feature him in one of your updates and share a word or two about the things you have learned from him. This way, you are introducing him to your connections and his valuable content will reach more people in the network.

Bonus Q & A : 

Q: How to keep note of things that we like to post on LinkedIn?

A: ” Texting the idea or the rough post to yourself  is one way to go ” – Manu Goswami

” I tweet about the things that I want to post on LinkedIn and check the tweets later to post on LinkedIn ” – Bobby Umar

Q: If I am going to switch to a new industry, how can I engage with my followers who are connected with me for my earlier work or experience in the industry?

A: One good way to start is by finding the experts in the new industry and closely observing what they post about. Interact with them, get to know them and feature them in your posts so that your audience gets to know them and about the industry. But if you are still passionate about your previous industry, you can continue to share your thoughts on the same to your network.

When it comes to stepping up your Personal Branding game, LinkedIn is a great place to start and feel free to share your LinkedIn tips that worked for you in the comments.

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