About Me

I am Sundaresan Sekar and I am the guy behind this SellBetter project. This is my pet project Рsomething that I have always wanted to create. I have been a blogger  for around 5 years now. With around 6 years of experience in Sales, I have always been in awe about the number of helpful websites and programs for Marketers but sad about very less resources for Sales.

For SellBetter, I have a vision of making this a perfect place for anyone who would like to learn more about Sales – be it tips, practices, hacks, books, interviews, stories and lots more.

Everybody sells something to someone every day. Selling is a key skill that can make or break a product / service. It is one job that has interpersonal relationships weaved in every other day. It can make you a better person and an expert at each domain, you are selling a product or service from.

Every Sales person will have a story of how he chose Sales as a career and it is always interesting. There is a sale in every conversation – when you are sharing an idea, you are selling. When you are recommending a restaurant to your friend, you are selling.

I am a Distinguished Toastmaster which is the highest recognition awarded by Toastmasters International, world’s largest non-profit organization focused on Public Speaking and Leadership. I love speaking on stage and if you would like to invite me to speak, please write to me.

Sundaresan Sekar