Buyology - Book Review

Buyology by Martin Lindstrom – Book Review

Ever since I read Martin Lindstrom’s book ‘Small Data, I was keen on reading his other works. Here goes the review of the book Buyology‘.

Buyology - Book Review
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As a fanboy of advertising and with my newly found love for consumer neuroscience, I was very interested in learning why we buy what we buy. And this book took me on a joy ride.

Coming from the most sought-after branding expert of the world, Buyology has stories about a whole lot of brands vying for the consumer’s attention in every possible way.

What makes the book stand out is that the reader need not understand marketing, advertising or sales to enjoy this book. This book is for everyone who is looking to understand what goes into the buying process.

It breaks a lot of advertising myths through its research and we get a fair understanding of the underlying reasons too. Some of the questions this book discusses include

1. Why do brands create habits around their products/service?

2. Why do brands excessively use sex to sell their product? Does it work?

3. What is the role of mystery in advertising?

4. Are brands right in going for consumer surveys to understand what worked and what did not work in their campaigns?

5. Are we capable of understanding what excites our brain?

There are a lot of well-known brands in the book and the author gives us an inside scoop of how some of the greatest campaigns took shape and it was pretty interesting to google and see the ads after reading the book.

The more we know about the power of our subconscious mind, the more we come to realize how our assumptions about the factors that drive our decisions are far from being right.

This book’s findings are backed by a multimillion-dollar research sponsored by renowned brands to understand what goes into every buying decision that we make. What attracts us and what puts us off is presented in the most edible form in this book.

What I loved about the Book

  • Straightforward and a page-turner.
  • Divided into big chapters with examples, data and conclusions.
  • Deals with brands you know and so its highly relatable.
  • Bursts a lot of myths related to what we assume is our buying trigger.
  • Easy to understand language without jargon.

After reading this book, you will start thinking about the advertisements that appealed to you and start dissecting why you liked what you liked and that is what makes this book successful.

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