Day 1 – Blogging Essentials

How to create your Blog

You have taken the first step. Congratulations.

Let’s get into the next steps real quick.

1. Name of the Blog

Zero down on what you will be writing about. Let’s say you are planning to blog about your travel adventures, think of a name that will resonate that with your target segment.

If you are planning to create a personal blog in your name, your domain name can be in your name. If your name is hard to spell, you can also use just your first name along with another word.

Tips to arrive at a great domain name

  • It should be easy to spell
  • It should be shorter
  • It should pass the phone test. Say the name of your blog to your friend over the phone and check if he gets it right without you spelling out the entire domain name.
  • If your blog is based on a niche like gardening or cooking or interior decoration, it is better to come up with a name with the niche in itself or words related to the niche.
  • Do not have any special symbols or characters inside the domain name

2. Checking Domain Availability

Go to Godaddy or Name to check if your preferred domain name is available. Your first preference can be for a .com domain name instead of .in domain names.

If you are unable to get .com for your preferred domain, you can go ahead with .in or any country-specific domain names too.

If you are blocking a domain for more than a year, you might get some good deals there.

3. Blogging Platform

WordPress powers 29% of the internet. It must be your top pick any day.

About 84.9 million posts are created on WordPress by users every month. As of 2018, it is the biggest blogging platform in the world with infinite plugins, add-ons, themes and more to power your blog. You cannot go wrong with WordPress.

The two other alternatives worth mentioning are Blogger and Tumblr but it’s got only a fraction of what WordPress rules.

Reasons to go with WordPress

  • Ease of Use
  • Tons of free themes to choose from. You are never short of options.
  • The form and functionality of your blog will be very professional. It will look good, just like you 🙂
  • Thousands of useful plugins and a helpful community to look for answers.

I hope you are truly convinced of going ahead with WordPress for your blog.