Growth Hacker Marketing - Review

Growth Hacker Marketing – Book Review

This book “Growth Hacker Marketing”  by Ryan Holiday has been one of the most recommended books by experts for modern-day marketers. For starters, this book is just a starter (sorry for this).

It gives you a quick sneak peek into how the world’s favorite brands of today used Growth Hacking to scale their brands to get the initial traction to take off.

Growth Hacker Marketing - Review
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It starts with sound pointers on the importance of achieving product-market-fit and the impact it has on the organic growth of a product or service. Then it gets into how small additions to the consumer usage of a product can have a cascading effect on product virality and new customer acquisition.

It provides numerous examples of new age brands with modest marketing budgets punching above their weights through non-traditional marketing methods.

Why does Apple give out apple stickers to all its customers who flaunt it by sticking it on car bumpers, walls, and PCs? Why “Sent from my iPhone ” or “Sent from my Blackberry” got appended to every text message you sent using an iPhone or Blackberry earlier? You will find a lot more advertising hacks executed at zero costs by growth hackers in this book.

After you make a purchase online or support a cause or sign a petition, the website generates a custom tweet or a facebook update and prompts you to consider sharing it to your networks. This small feature can get your website or product, the free publicity to drive more traffic for free at the expense of an unsuspecting customer who does that happily.

Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

This is one of my favourite quotes as it is always easier to sell to an existing customer than acquire a new customer. This book also touches upon customer retention and optimization strategies by brands.

What did I love about Growth Hacker Marketing?

  • Talks about the growth hacking strategies of brands that we know and use regularly like Dropbox, Airbnb, Gmail, Instagram etc. As a consumer, we were working for the brand in acquiring a new customer and this book explains how.
  • The effectiveness of using waitlist as a growth hack by brands.
  • Detailed case study of using unconventional marketing methods for a conventional product like a printed book and what follows next is phenomenal.
  • The book ends with a growth hacking glossary bursting all the fancy jargons, a faqs section that answers exciting questions and also the resources to follow and learn from.
  • If you write to the author, you will get access to all the interview manuscripts of Ryan Holiday with the growth hackers of the mentioned brands which is an insightful read.

You can buy Growth Hacker Marketing here. Interested in knowing what I am reading next? You can check my reading list here.


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