Stats and Curiosities – HBR – Book Review

There are some books which you can pick up anytime, open a random page and start reading. Stats and Curiosities by Harvard Business Review is one such gem. Sales has a lot to do with psychology and each page uncovers a fact based on quality research done on the topic.

Most of the prospects buy from you when you engage in healthy conversations with them. It requires good product knowledge and industry exposure. When they start feeling that they are speaking to an expert, the closing becomes much easier. Stats and Curiosities can help you in coming up with smart stats that add value to your conversations.

Stats and Curiosities - Book Review

Why most of the buy buttons on websites are red in color?

Why do stores give worn out notes as change when we pay using cash?

Why does going to work seems to take longer than returning back home?

Why we lose motivation halfway through the task and gain it again towards the end?

This book has questions like the ones above and focuses on the ‘why’ part of it. It also makes us think on the fairness of the reasons and be the judge. There have been instances where I spent a lot of time thinking on a fact and the real scenarios in the past which agreed to the hypothesis.

What’s Great about it?

  • Start anywhere based on your topic of interest.
  • Quick reads – each fact is about a 100 words long and we move on to the next.
  • Interesting connections between uncommon scenarios backed by research.
  • Handy and fits the pocket.
  • Cool stats that you can use to engage in discussions.
  • Each fact has the source of research if you are interested in learning more about the test scenarios and the sample sets. Found at the end of the book.

No of Pages : 192

You can buy Stats and Curiosities here. If you are interested in reading about the surprising sales hacks used by supermarkets to make us buy more, you can read it here

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