The Sales Survival Handbook – Review

This is honestly the funniest sales book ever and you cannot expect anything less from Sales Humor.

Sales is a tricky job where you feel at the top of the world and gloomy in the same day. When you are down, you most likely log in to your social media profiles and skim through the newsfeed hoping to find something that will make you feel better.

I found the Sales Humor page first on LinkedIn when they constantly put out sales memes that would make me laugh out loud at work (guilty).

The book starts with a “Is Sales right for you quiz?” that will crack up anyone who has sold a thing or two in his life.

Self-depreciation is the greatest form of humor and this book raises the bar. I have never laughed so hard while reading a book and this is a must-read for Sales professionals as it makes sure you do not feel alone ever.

Ken Kupchik categorizes the type of sales, customers, objections, managers in a humorous way. The best thing about the book is the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” after every chapter. Outright hilarious.

Each chapter gives a tough fight to the previous one when it comes to humor.

For anyone who is getting started with a Sales role, this book will set your expectations right. You will know the good, bad and the ugly when you are done with the book.

For seasoned sales professionals, this book will remind you of your goof-ups, your customers and the leads who never pick up the phone or respond to your 25th email followup.

What I loved about the book

  • Five stars for humor. Each paragraph is weaved with humor and it gets better and better. There is never a dull moment.
  • Highly relatable for Sales professionals as every little detail of our Sales lives is portrayed as is.
  • Do’s and Don’t after each chapter.
  • Sales memes every now and then.
  • Constantly emphasizes that salespeople are not alone and everyone goes through tough times.

I was waiting for the book to hit my library and I picked it up as soon as it arrived. After reading, I posted this on Instagram.


Sales humor picked it and here’s what they had to say on LinkedIn about me.

This post is from a satisfied reader, who calls us “the house of Sales Humor” – maybe a Game of Thrones Fan?

Love the way they are consistent with their sense of humor.

Thanks for reading The Sales Survival Handbook review. If you are looking for book recommendations related to Sales, Marketing, and Business, you can check out my reading list here.

You can buy the book here.


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