Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith – Book Review

They say ” Never judge a book by its cover ” but we always do. I was sold on the words ” Creating behavior that lasts ” . Here goes our review of the book¬†Triggers”¬†by Marshall Goldsmith

Behavioral change is always a difficult ask especially when you are an adult. We are used to our own ways and even a small change in our routine requires a lot of self-control and efforts.

Through the experience of coaching the top leaders of the industry on behavioral change and challenges, Marshall Goldsmith brings home an array of anecdotes and real stories that showcase how a small change in behavior based on inputs or feedback can bring a world of difference.

Triggers - Book Review

We always undermine how the environment can influence our day to day activities and this book has a fair share in bursting the myths and shows how powerful our surrounding environment can get to.

The biggest takeaway from ‘Triggers’ is the power of daily questions. Though I have read a few pieces on how to rate or score yourself at the end of the day based on the results, the author clearly explains why we have to give due respect to the efforts if we fall short of the results.

Time and again, we have heard people and speakers saying

Efforts don’t count, only the results do

But the efforts do count and this book shows how we can translate our efforts to achieve results at our own pace. Dives in detail on how a normal person pulls it off despite being in a highly influencing environment.

Triggers was a very interesting read and each chapter gives specific nuggets and the writing is super direct. No beating round the bush and no long flashbacks to drive a small message.

What I loved about the book

  • Highly relatable case studies
  • Conversational tone
  • Purposeful chapters
  • Sample worksheets and well explained examples
  • Interesting myth busters about everyday things
  • Why we do what we do – introspection
  • Honesty

Can be read in 4 hours or less and Triggers is an amazing book to pick up if you are looking to make small incremental changes to your way of life at your own pace.

Happy Reading.

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