Way of the Wolf Book Review

Way of the Wolf – Book Review

Do I like Jordan Belfort? No.

Do I hate Jordan Belfort? No.

For starters, this is not a sequel to his previous books. This is not about the life of the Wolf but more about the ways of the Wolf 🙂

When I first saw this book, I picked it up without a second thought. Started reading it only after a month or so and I really liked the detailing of the intricate steps and conversations in sales.

There are definitely a lot of lessons that can be learned from his life and his book ” The Way of the Wolf “

The Way of the Wolf - Book Review

Way of the Wolf – Book Review

He starts off with an arrogant and pompous tone with bold claims about the success of “Straight Line Selling”. It took me some time to understand that’s how he sells.

According to the book, selling is the process of moving the lead from point A to point B in a straight line. There are some very basic yet powerful tips to make the whole process of Sales easier for anyone who does that.

It’s your words that move your prospect logically and your tonality that moves your prospect emotionally

All of this comes straight from one of the best closers of Wallstreet and hence it is really authentic. Over the course of the book, Jordan Belfort brings in his NLP theories and his recommended triggers to get into the groove.

There is also a part about the famous “Sell me this pen” question and the author’s take on the same.

The author saves the best for the end as he dives deep into his scripting practices and how he deflects objections instead of overcoming them. Take a look at this sales call from the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street” after reading this book.

This particular conversation is broken down into parts in the book. There are a lot of lessons in psychology, body language and copywriting inside it.

Power whisper, bottled enthusiasm, entering a state of enthusiasm at will, verbal scarcity, tonal scarcity, informational scarcity, Active listening, Art of Matching – it’s all inside the book with examples and ‘how-to’.

If you watch the movie again after reading this book, you will not see it the same way.

What I loved about “Way of the Wolf” book

  • The role of body language in Sales is explained with examples and tips that stick firmly to your head.
  • Breaking down multiple aspects of Sales in a simple straight line.
  • Doesn’t tell but shows how it is done.
  • Coming from someone who has made millions by selling (even though a lot of it was illegal) makes it more authentic.
  • Dissects conversations and scripts to take the readers through a practical sales situation.
  • Facial Expressions, Tone, Voice Modulation, Psychology, NLP – this one has got a lot of pointers on all of them.
  • Direct, upfront and totally devoid of fluff.
  • Everything listed in the book is tried and tested by the man himself – the above video is just an example.

Snapshot from Goodreads – Way of the Wolf

Conversations lead to conversions. This book can definitely teach how to lead the conversations with the leads in a way that they move from one stage to another to the final stage of closing.

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