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There are many articles that say “Cold Emailing” is dead but if you are into Sales, you pretty well know that’s not the truth. Marketers have improved the way they target their consumers through advanced tools that study behavioral patterns and push content accordingly. Why should Sales’ team lag back in terms of tools they use? Here comes our app review of Yesware which is one of the leading email tracking tools.

It’s one of the best email tracking tools I have ever used.

Advantages :

1. You can access Yesware right inside your inbox.

2. It clearly shows you what happens after you send the email. Who opened it? When was it opened? Where was it opened? Is the client reading it on the go or he is at his desk? Imagine copying your boss/colleague on the email you sent to your lead. You will know exactly who opened it. There will be no confusion on that which is a nice to have feature.

3. Every time the email is opened, you get a notification inside your Yesware space. You can understand the interest level of the prospect based on the number of opens. This is a great metric for lead scoring and working on hot ones.

4. It tracks not just your email but also your attachments when it gets opened. All that you need to do is to upload the attachment using the ‘yesware attach’ button in your Compose Email tab.

Yesware Review

5. The scheduling of emails through Yesware works like a charm.

6. If you are a solopreneur or a small team, Yesware is super affordable with unlimited plans starting at $ 12 per month per user. As a free user, you will get 28 days trial of the product. Take it for a spin and decide if it’s the right fit.

7. Can present you with a lot of insights based on open rates, emails sent and clicks which can help you measure your efforts.


1. A few other plugins inside your inbox can pick up a fight with Yesware and ask you to sort it out every time you start the day.

2. It had a mobile app earlier but it was discontinued.


Yesware is definitely a value for money app inside your inbox that helps you to track your emails effectively and take action.

Bonus Secret: I have surprised many leads by calling after a few minutes after they read my email. They start by saying ” I just finished reading your email and you have called. Perfect time to discuss the project” and I smile to myself thanking Yesware and get on with the call.  

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